2 MindCubes exhibited at ArtRoom in Padova

The MindCubes of the artists Polisca and Luca dal Prà will be exhibited at Artroom in Padova from Nov 25 2011 to Jan 8 2012. For further info, click here: invito art room

3 mindcubes a Step09 art fair

We are glad to announce that 3 MindCubes have been selected as collateral project at the Step09 art fair in Milano. MindCubes of Luca Bonfanti, Nicola Evangelisti, Alberto Gianfreda will be showcased. The fair will take place from 25th-27 november. Free entry.

Wasted Culture | Alessia de Montis. April 2011 events

In April Alessia de Montis began a series of interviews in her Wasted Culture WC Mindcube. First she brought her Mindcube at Arte Accessibile Milano, an Art fair. Then at the Biennale di Fotografia in Alessandria. This exciting new project aims at collecting interviews by culture leaders: a sort of culture confessional booth.  You can follow Alessia's exciting progress, and you can see more of it at her wasted culture blog.

Biennale di Fotografia, Alessandria 2011

Arte Accessibile, Milano 2011

Luca Bonfanti presents his "Ricerca" Mindcube @ Palazzo Borromeo, Cesano Maderno

Within the context of his exhibition "paesaggi dell'anima" from March 5 to March 22.

Alessia De Montis MindCube at Art Verona

"Wasted Culture", Alessia de Montis' MindCube creation is on display at ArtVerona Oct 12-18 for Sabrina Raffagello Art Gallery.

Nicola Evangelisti MindCube @ Galleria Paci

From Oct 2 to Dec 14 2010 you can try out Nicola Evangelisti's MindCube at Galleria Paci in Brescia, Italy

Introducing MindCubes: the global art event

After experimentation in Milano during the Box Shock event. MindCube goes solo. Coming soon to your town.

MindCube video from Televisionet.tv

MindCube a Dream Factory

I am What I am: Watt 13 Hotel. Ott 13-30

Watt 13 Hotel. Oct 09
Artists: Lien Nollet, Alessia De Montis, Feliciano dal Pra, Giuseppe Polisca e Celina Spelta. Via G. Watt 13 - Milano
Info: 0289159244 - info@watttredicihotel.com

Get Into the Picture2 di Laila Pozzo- Body Cube

Here shown at Step09
Body Cube installation of Laila Pozzo with Marco Corrieri (compositing), Michele Ranauro and Emanuela Bosone (music).

Cube Forest at Leo Gallery Monza.

October 09. .

Works of
Cesare Galluzzo, Alberto Gianfreda, Alessandro di Pietro, Marilù Cattaneo, Oki Izumi, Paola Venezia, Mokgo, Stefania Ranieri, Luca de Leva, Giuseppe Buffoli, Nadia Galbiati, Mariangela Meroni.

Via De Gradi 10, Monza.

Pictures from an exhibition: Anzitempo, Via Savona 4 (fino al 25 ott)

Mind Altars at Triennale Bovisa

Here shown at Triennale Bovisa with sound installations of Pietro Russo, Kilohertz, Irene Cabiati, Diego Sferrazza. Oct 09 (within the Box Shock network event)

MindCube di V3rbo, Tentolini e Gusti at Nhow (oct 09)

Insieme ai cubi di Giorgio Tentolini e Ludovica Gusti. Curati da Elisabetta Scantamburlo.
Via Tortona 35, Milano

Introducing the Mind Totem

A support especially designed for the MindCube with additional devices to help the viewer ritualize his experience. To be showcased during Box Shock, October 09 at the Triennale Bovisa Museum

MindCube Launch in Milano (Lancio a Milano)

INDOOR MINDCUBE LAUNCH. OCT 09. MILANO. (Per Italiano vedi sotto)

The Indoor MindCube is a new exhibition format meant to enhance the isolation of the spectator as he faces, or is immersed into, a work of art. The Indoor MindCube measures cm 68 X 68 X 45. The MindCube forces the spectator into exploring an image or installation with more attention. We view it as a progress out of the White Cube model which fails to address the needs of the contemporary spectator. It is launched within the context of Box Shock in Milano. Oct 09


L'Indoor MindCube è un format espositivo ideato per facilitare l'isolamento dello spettatore mentre osserva un' opera d'arte. Le sue dimensioni sono cm 68 X 68 X 45. L'indoor Mind Cube forza il fruitore ad esplorare il tuo lavoro con più attenzione. Un esperimento per uscire dai limiti del modello espositivo "White Cube". Il modello viene lanciato all'interno dell'iniziativa Box Shock che si terrà a Ottobre 2009.

MindCube Totem Launch

MindCube launches an innovative exhibition structure for outdoor art events. Here a sneak preview of one of several models which will be seen on the streets of Milano and Monza in Oct 2008 during the Box Shock art event.

MindCube in an alley

We put some MindCube Demo concepts on YouTube at www.youtube.com/mindcubecurator/